Friday, June 26, 2009

A Little Progress...

I was going to wait until the first week of July but I was too excited today to wait... I was really looking forward to seeing how much progress I'd made in the last couple weeks... all the numbers went up but I was still hoping to see more improvement... the next max-out session will be at the end of July...

Bench - 400+
Deadlift - 850+
Hang Clean - 225+
Squat - 750+

Week 1:
Bench - 225
Deadlift - 305
Hang Clean - 125
Squat - 275

End of Week 3:
Bench - 245 (9% increase)
Deadlift - 315 (3% increase)
Hang Clean - 135 (8% increase)
Squat- 335 (22% increase)

I was definitely pleased with the squats... (and I honestly think my deadlift would have been better but I was exhausted by the end of the workout... maybe I need to put them on separate days to get a true measure....) but any progress is good in my book... hopefully, that last week in July will be off the chart with improvement...

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