Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Hate When Someone Beats Me to the Punch... own laziness is to blame though... so I was the homie Mr. Jolla's blog and saw a write-up about the whole Donte Stallworth situation... my plan was to write about it tomorrow but since that blog is pretty much perfect, I just decided to repost it here... and I still think it's bananas that he gets 30 days for fucking murder while Mike Vick was damn near turned into Hitler for dogfighting... in any event, I just thought I'd repost his joint here since it was everything I would have said... show the homie some love and follow his blog...

"Where My Dogs At?" Pt. II
*part I was written by the right hand, 50 grand Teef of in his book "Subscribe To This: Clothing and Medicine".

[DMX] Wheeeerrreeee Myyyyy Doooooggggsssss Aaaaaaattttt? [/DMX]

Mike Vick is probably clearly asking himself the same thing right about now. I'm quite certain everyone is privy to Vick's legal woes and how he essentially lost it all due to his hand in a dog-fighting ring. I'm also sure that most, if not all, people feel that dog killing is wrong and immoral. Fine. Agreed. I'm ALSO sure that people feel there should have been SOME type of penalty...with the penalties varying from a simple fine to the jail time that he got, to even perhaps more jail time. Bet. Let me ask you do you feel about the killing of a human being?

Don't like it?

How about a human being getting killed by an NFL player?

Even worse?

How about if I told you that the NFL player ran over said human being while operating a vehicle DRUNK? I'm not talking about slightly inebriated...I'm talking nearly DOUBLE the .08 legal limit.

What should his penalty be? Of course this situation and Vick's are apples and oranges, but keep in mind that Vick lost ALL endorsements, his NFL contract AND had to serve jailtime...all while being villified in the media. So...what should this NFL player's penalty be? 2-5 years in prison? Loss of income? Slandered in the public eye?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Donte' Stallworth.

Google the story on him if you want the full scoop, but here's the Cliff's Notes version. Stallworth was intoxicated while driving, hit a man with his car, and killed him. His penalty? THIRTY DAYS IN JAIL.

Of course, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Stallworth, but he's still employed and doesn't have the wildfire backlash that Mike Vick had. I have no problem with Donte, he's a pretty solid NFL wideout, but THIRTY DAYS? The whole world throws Vick under the bus for Scooby Doo and Droopy Dog? Michael Vick is such a terrible, horrible human being yet Stallworth just made an honest mistake?

Let's get it straight: Dog-fighting is CULTURAL. Depending on how, where and when you were raised, dog-fighting could have been a part of your cultural upbringing. And if something is a part of your natural upbringing, will you see anything wrong with it? Probably not. Some people hunt for "sport" I think hunting is a "sport"? No. I feel the same way about dog-fighting. However, I don't think that folks who hunt should be fired from their 9 to 5 and thrown in jail. Nor do I think people who capture and kill fish should be shackled and made someone's bitch.

What about the racetracks and horseracing? They kill horses once they are deemed "no longer fit to race"...what is that? Did anyone have the horse sign off on his/her own death papers? Is a horse's sole purpose in life to race? Will it spiral into depression if it's not capable of beating a Mustang GT in a race? Probably not. I'm sure the horse would be just fine with chilling on a grassy knoll eating hay all day. And before you get into the whole "dog fighting is savage" argument, the wear and tear put on these horses, not to mention the "obey" techniques such as whipping and branding, are in the same arena of animal abuse. Whaddup PETA?

Tying it into the whole Donte Stallworth situation, since WHEN has a human's life been of less value than a dog's? Explain that to me. We have animal rights organizations, but HUMAN RIGHTS organizations are few are far between, and far less influential. A young boy could get jumped on and beaten to his death a'la Emmit Till, and America won't blink a gotdamn eye. But if I go outside and dropkick a Bald American Eagle, PETA will boycott my blog ASAP...and probably stand outside the Post Office and try to get me fired. When PETA calls out anyone in regards to animal abuse, there will be lines formed by 5 o'clock the next morning to boycott said person in whatever field or craft they hold a profession in. So where are the Human Rights Activists? Why are we giving a fuck about some animals, but not two shits about our own fellow man, woman and child?

Man, listen...if you want to villify motherfuckers for ABUSE, start with this dirty ass American Government. They've been abusing people since pencil could go to paper. Folks are always talking about how they're down to ride for a cause...what better cause than HUMAN rights? In case you were somehow napping prior to it, did Hurricane Katrina not at least nudge you in your sleep about how racism and equality works? This country is ran by the descendents of folks who used to whip humans worse than animals, keep them in shelters worse than any doghouse you could imagine, and feed them food not even fit for a pig to eat. And you let these PETA motherfuckers scream about some Lassie shit. Where the fuck are my dogs at?

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