Saturday, June 20, 2009

10 Steps to Get Your Fellatio Game Right...

As I've said before, one of my biggest pet peeves is chicks acting like their head gameis top notch when it's really just average or less than average... so imagine my surprise when I came across an article that sums everything up PERFECTLY... take notes (you know who you are...)
ripped from Bossip and Livesteez

Ladies do you have troubles keeping a man? Do you have a man at all? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, get your head game right. And you can get and keep a man with great ease. No man will dispute the fact that he loves to get head and will never discourage you from forever fabulous fellatio. But the key word here is: discourage. Ladies, you must, first, want to perform. No man wants a girl to look unhappy or disgusted by giving him that goody so it would behoove any woman to enjoy the act of pleasuring your man, with a good attitude. If you want to acquire or keep a man, these 10 tips will prove great success.

1.) Get Involved - In order to peak his interest, you have to have to create the scene, men are extremely visual. Make the bed super sexy with some dark colored, soft sheets, light a few candles and be prepared, i.e. condoms. lube, cocktails and perhaps a bowl of strawberries or grapes. Make sure he knows he has your undivided attention, close and lock door, and slowly undress that man.

2.) Take your time - At this point, he's already anticipating your next move, and whatever you do at this point is sure to turn him on. Take your time, don't jump right in start slobbing, you'll only tire out your jaws very quickly. Give him some time to be excited. Don't be predictable. The power of touch is to often overlooked, suck his fingers, graze his chest with your mouth, lick his lips, you get it.

3.) Be eager and enthusiastic - you should be thrilled at the thought alone of your dude being in the palm of your hands (literally), whisper what your going to do to him, but be sexy of course. Dirty talk is good. Ask him how he wants it and make sure he can see and watch you and eye contact is a must! Remember this is an experience not a fleeting moment.

4.) Increase Arousal - once you commence your oral escapade, try a variety of moves and pay attention to how he responds. Once you find something he really enjoys, switch it up on him. Now you know how to get him off, so keep that in mind for the finale. In the meantime, allow him to escape while you try new things. Take your time with it. Sidebar: don't get offended if he pulls your hair, it only means he loves it!

5.) Play with your mouth - pull your lips into a firm circle, this technique will probably make a popping sound, but don't soften your lips to avoid the noise, he'll love it. Be sure to either spit or keep your mouth extra wet. Also, be so careful not to graze him with your teeth.
6.) Try hard suction - try to create the vacuum effect. In order to this successfully you have to mimic a vacuum, meaning maintain a tightness and pressure in your lips and mouth. Most men like to be sucked hard, so don't scared to do so, a lot of times he'll appreciate the strong sensation.

7.) Don't forget the head - the head is the most sensitive part of the penis, so don't neglect it! Give it a few quick licks in between your moves or take it back as far as you can so he can get the "deep throat" sensation. This is a technique that improves with time, but while you're trying, expect to gag a time or two.

8.) Use your hands - your hands should never be lying dormant! For starters, the best thing to do is stroke the shaft while you're sucking, or hold the base. Do not put the man's parts in a choke hold, a firm grip is best. Once you get him good and worked up, use your hand to draw his shaft into your mouth and keep your hand closely in front of your mouth while you stroke.

9.) Do some ball play - testicular play heightens his arousal. But first, apply little pressure to see if he's likes it. Most guys like to have their balls cupped while you're sucking. But don't go pressing on the actual balls, just pull the sac downward and away from his shaft. This is also a way to give your jaws a break, lick and suck his testicular area while you stroke the shaft.

10.) Don't stop - when you start to get the feeling he's about to climax, whatever you do, don't stop! In fact, it's best you quicken the pace a bit and keep doing exactly what your doing, don't switch anything up orally! At most, play with his balls. Make sure you moan or hum a little bit for vibrational stimulation also. Swallowing or spitting is a completely personal decision, but your man will be 2 minutes short of proposing.

Personally, number ten is the most important... nothing sucks worse than when you're about to cum and a chick just stops... imagine how annoying it would be to be ten seconds away from an orgasm and a dude just stop licking your clit...

Ya'll be easy...

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