Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BET Uncut

I was going through some old files and came across one of my joints from back in the day…

“On the What” – Ric Jilla

This joint used to come on BET Uncut (yeah, you remember BET Uncut… LOL) and that got me thinking about some of the other videos I used to rock with from back then… enjoy these gems…

“Smoke Wit Me” – The Firemen

“Poppin’ N Lockin’” – Peedy Wheatstraw

“Bellowzino” – Benzino feat. Bellatoma

“What That Thang Smell Like” – Black Jesus

“Club Hoppin’” – Joker the Bailsbondsman

“Ladies Comin’ Over” – Joker the Bailsbondman

“White Girls” – Mighty Casey

“Right Thurr (Uncensored)” – Chingy

This video blew me and Jamal’s minds that night… LOL… I still remember that shit… we talked about it for weeks…

“Uhnnn Huhnnn” – Labtekwon

“No Panty’s on the Dance Floor” – Wax-a-million

“Uh Huh” – Joker the Bailsbondsman feat. Bizzy Bone

And, of course, everyone’s favorite…
“Tip Drill” – Nelly feat. St. Lunatics

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