Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Double-You-Tee-Eff #8, #9 and #10

Man Kills His Wife Because She Changed Her Status to Single
All jokes aside, I've told ya'll niggas how that Facebook shit can get you in trouble!! But apparently, this fool killed his wife because she put that she was single on her Facebook status, while he thought they were on the verge of getting back together (they had previously seperated...) shit like this makes me sad and makes me laugh at the same time... I know, I know... I'm wrong but still... in all my 808s and Heartbreaks, I've never once thought "Hey... I'm gonna kill this bitch!" Like what passes through a person's mind when the only thing they can think of is "If I can't have you, nobody can"? That shit is mad bizarre... and this is coming from quite possibly the most complex man on the face of the earth... lol... some people just have fucking issues though for real...

Bobby Valentino Tells Ne-Yo That 100 Groupies is Nothing to Him
So apparently, a while back, Ne-Yo told Big Boy that he's slayed 100 groupies over his music career... Bobby V was like "that ain't shit, Ne-Yo!" Come on, B... ok 1) I agree that 100 girls really isn't THAT much if you're Ne-Yo... I mean, come on son... this nigga could easily get 10 girls a day and still have 20 more beating his door down... 2) if you got Bobby Valentino is beating you in knockin' down groupies, that's a problem because that nigga is like 4-foot-6 or some shit... and 3) before I even hear somebody's mouth, I'm not saying that because they're men, it's ok for them to slay as many chicks as they want but the groupies are some nasty hoes... I'm sure SOME of the groupies are nasty hoes, but hey, it's all about supply and demand, give and take... somebody has to do it right? Which reminds me, Nicole said if I was a ball player, she think I'd be a ho... I probably would... but not for long... after a while, that shit gets boring...

Mom and Dad Plan and Execute Killings of Whole Family
This shit makes me sad and angry at the same fucking time... these asshole parents got fired from their jobs, decided "hey, life's tough," so we're gonna kill ourselves AND all our kids... that shit is just fucking stupid... those kids have so much life left to live... how dare you fucking take that away...? Now, I've had suicidal thoughts more than anybody I know and it's only by the grace of God, that I'm still here... and if the parents would have just killed themselves, I would have been sad, but I would have understood too... shit, life gets fucking rough sometimes... sometimes, you think the only way out is death... but there's no fucking excuse to kill kids, B... there's just not... those kids could have been the ones to cure cancer, to be the next presidents... shit, they could have just been some motherfuckin' garbage men, but the fact of the matter is, they didn't need to die... there are plenty of loving families out there that CAN'T have children and would have loved these little kids to death (no pun intended)... shit's sad, B...


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