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HW EXCLUSIVE!! Blogger Interview: Paige

Your favorite blogger HW has decided to play the background for a bit and give another blogger some shine... this lovely lady is my girl Paige... I've known her for some years now and even though we are complete opposites on just about everything, we get along pretty well... but anyway, the other day, I told her I was going to start a series of interviews featuring some of my favorite bloggers and that she'd be the first... so... here we go...

Hard Work: So are you ready for this interview?
Paige: Oh yeah… I’m scared though…

Hard Work: There's nothing to be scared of… first question: what made you want to start blogging?
Paige: Hmmm, well, yours kind of inspired me… I wanted a place to vent mostly… I blogged a few times on MySpace and Facebook (the notes) but i wanted a wider audience, I guess…

Hard Work: Sounds like a good idea to me... I'm known to be an inspiration to many... have you gained that wider audience that you wanted?
Paige: Well, sort of… I wish i had more followers but i barely update it anymore cuz I'm busy with work and other non-fun stuff to blog about makeup and hair and stuff

Hard Work: How many followers do you have?
Paige: I have 24

Hard Work: Well I'm sure you'll have some more followers after this interview (even though I only have 29 myself)
Paige: Well hopefully but you have a lot of readers!

Hard Work: Yeah, it seems i get a lot of traffic... LOL... it's an enigma that I don't have more followers and get more comments
Paige: Your count is way higher than mine, and yes it is a true enigma, lol. I really dont get it

Hard Work: So what makes your blog different from the other blogs out there?
Paige: I can’t say my blog is super unique to be honest

Hard Work: So what about your blog should make people want to read it?
Paige: I mean, well, i think it's interesting… i probably have more of an interest in cosmetology-related things than your average person, but i don't blog about it all that much… i try to post funny pics/videos every so often… i dont think i talk about my personal problems as much as i had intended to… i mean, half the point in me getting a blog was to vent about shit, but i barely do it… i mean, i might do it about things that are annoying but are still hilarious… but nothing serious

Hard Work: Well that's understandable... sometimes it's hard to be that honest... i have trouble wth it myself... out of the almost 1000 blogs i've made, i can count on one hand how many of them were like true venting posts
Paige: Yep… and also, i don't think that many people in detroit are bloggers… i mean, i could be wrong but i just doubt they do… ya know? i think i might blog more about the things i see here actually… thanks for the idea, lol

Hard Work: Speaking of Detroit... you and I have gone back and forth with this Michigan vs. North Carolina rivalry thing for years now... i can't remember how it started... do you?
Paige: Lol, no i don't remember either… it's been going on for so damn long… i'm pretty certain it started with some of your nonsense though… can pretty much guarantee that one

Hard Work: It's been proven on many occassions that NC is better
Paige: Psh… please… y'all don't even have an NBA TEAM!

Hard Work: Hello…? Charlotte Bobcats… let's be serious… we just don't have a MLB team
Paige: Ohmygosh, the “mighty” Bobcats… a cat that weighs 20 lbs… smh...

Hard Work: Are you seriously going to talk about teams? Detroit BARELY has an NFL team… when's the last time the "mighty" Lions won anything?
Paige: Yesterday.

Hard Work: What happened yesterday?
Paige: Idk, i just made it up

Hard Work: Clearly.
Paige: So you guys are better cuz of sports? Let's be for real… how important are sports?

Hard Work: We're better because of more reasons than that… real estate… jobs… crime… agriculture… technology… people… our women are better, prettier, sexier (even though Wayne State has some BAAAAAAAD chicks)… I could go on and on
Paige: Our agriculture is fine… WE MADE FUCKING CARS! And I live here, so that cancels out that "people" thing and that "women" thing

Hard Work: Let's just move on Paige
Paige: Need I add that we're home to the nation's oldest state fair?

Hard Work: Who the hell cares? Lmao… the state fair?
Paige: Yes! 161 years old… BAM

Hard Work: Anyway… what are some of your favorite blogs/websites besides yours of course?
Paige: Yours ( and (BY FAR my favorite) and… they seem a little too, um, racial though… kinda bugs me...

Hard Work: Racial?
Paige: Yeah, i don't how they're always like "that white girl!", "in white people news"

Hard Work: Well a lot of black sites are like that...
Paige: I mean, they know they'd be mad as hell if a white website said "that black girl"

Hard Work: Lol… i have said that myself on occasion
Paige: Lol, i know

Hard Work: What are some things you want to blog about but just haven't had the chance to do yet?
Paige: My relationship cuz i thought I’d be in one by now, lol

Hard Work: Lol
Paige: Well, i guess i should say A relationship, not mine

Hard Work: Ok lol
Paige: Lol, anyway

Hard Work: The rest of the questions are quick hits... little silly MySpace questions i guess you could them… what is your favorite curse word?
Paige: Lmao… fuck… definitely… and not in its literal sense

Hard Work: Yeah yeah yeah… who are your fashion icons?
Paige: Lady Gaga… Rihanna… Beyonce… Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus

Hard Work: Items you always have with you and/or cannot live without?
Paige: Cell phone. Beauty Rush lip gloss in "i want candy". Bubble gum. Earrings.

Hard Work: If you could have lunch with 3 people, who would they be and why?
Paige: My mom, for obvious reasons. Now that he's gone, MJ, cuz he seemed very interesting… an enigma to say the least and I know this is more than one person, but my ancestors… I just wanna know more about who I come from

Hard Work: I feel you on that… what are your favorite things to cook? And what are your favorite things to eat?
Paige: To cook: I LOVE baking desserts… I don't do it too much though cuz I can't resist eating them, lol… favorite thing to eat: for sure, a dozen boneless wings from B-Dubbs on 60-cent Boneless Wing Night. always half honey BBQ & mango habanero. with blue cheese and a regular potato wedge

Hard Work: Lol… that's pretty specific but ok… favorite pair of shoes?
Paige: Lol, yeah I'm pretty picky. And i wish i could be all fancy and say i have a dream pair of Louboutin's… i mean, i do, but i'm all about the 2/$5 flip flops at old navy

Hard Work: Lol nothing wrong with that… your sluttiest fantasy?
Paige: Hahaha, oh man… I’ll keep most of it to myself, but we'll just leave it at some big romantic thing… like you see in the movies

Hard Work: There's nothing slutty about romance, Paige...
Paige: Lol, well i guess that's true… well, you know my strange notions about that i guess… I’ll just say it involves several people, a costume, handcuffs, a belt and a camera

Hard Work: AWESOME… lol… who's one person you want to punch in the face and why?
Paige: Lol, I have to pick just one?

Hard Work: Pick as many as you like...
Paige: I guess I’d have to say that one person I'm related to because she chose to be an asshole after my mom died… like, ridiculously…

Hard Work: Yeah I know the story on that one...
Paige: Also, extreme right wing people… I guess actually I should say extremely close minded people

Hard Work: Ok... nobody specific?
Paige: No, i mean just random people i've encountered, I barely remember them… they just hate the dumbest shit like tattoos, gay people, though it's none of their business, I can understand the abortion thing kind of cuz I think it's sad… also people who have zero empathy, even for strangers

Hard Work: All understandable… your favorite guilty pleasures?
Paige: 60-cent boneless night, lol and spending waaay too much time on the computer… doing nothing and Cinnabons, full of trans fat. Also: The Disney Channel and all its current stars

Hard Work: Lol all things i'm quite fond of myself besides that Disney thing… favorite Lil' Wayne song?
Paige: “Lollipop” It's so inappropriate, but i love it

Hard Work: No surprise there
Paige: My motto as of late, "fuck appropriateness" from TFLN

Hard Work: Lol I like that quote
Paige: Yeah i'm sure you do

Hard Work: Maybe once I start making t-shirts, I’ll make that one of them
Paige: Did you see the TFLN about Patrick Swayze/Kanye/MJ? Lmao, so funny… ha-ha, you should I didn’t know you were doing a t-shirt line… good idea though… since there's no more Steve and Barry's to make high-larious shirts

Hard Work: Lol yes, i saw it and the shirt line will be small… probably just ones to give out to my friends
Paige: Cool

Hard Work: Last book you read?
Paige: Lol… um… well i STARTED Twilight… haven't finished a book in forever

Hard Work: Lol… ok… last question (and i already know the answer) would you ever have sex for money?
Paige: Yes… however… it would have to be a LOT of money… and not with some random person and for the right reason

Hard Work: What is the right reason?
Paige: Not for a Gucci purse

Hard Work: Gotcha.
Paige: I mean, it's not something I’d do on a whim… if i needed a new car or surgery or rent money when that time comes when i move out.

Hard Work: I got you… well I’m glad you were available to do the interview with me... i really hope you get more readers off this…
Paige: Well, I feel honored young man and thanks for letting me do the interview =]

Hard Work: lol... no problem...

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