Saturday, August 29, 2009


There's really too many celebs dying these days... by no means am I a friend of DJ AM but this dude gets so much love on NT, I'd feel wrong not to speak on it... for those that don't know, dude was a true sneakerhead (as you can tell by the pic) and what's really sparking this post is not only his death but people's reactions to his death...

Like I said, NT gives this guy a lot of love because he was one of the OG members... never came off wrong to anybody and was always real humble... and while it gets under my skin anytime people don't respect the dead, this time really bothered me in particular... it seems that some people think he shouldn't get any respect because he allegedly died of a drug overdose (dude used to be into drugs real heavy but has been sober for the past nine years, I think it was...)... people are feeling like he got a second chance at life (he survived a plane crash last year) but squandered it because of this drug overdose... and people are talking wild greazy about him and that shit just doesn't sit right with me...

Like I said, I'm not a friend of his and I wouldn't pretend to be but how can you feel like somebody doesn't deserve your sympathy and respect because of how he died...? The alleged story is that him and his girl broke up so he ODed... now to me, that's a sad story... as somebody who's been VERRRRRRRRRRRRY close to the edge before (usually because of a girl) I can relate... I mean, there are some people who deserve to die... for example, if you're playing on train tracks and you're just having so much that you don't hear, see or feel the fucking train coming then you deserve to be blindsided by that motherfucker when it comes... to me, this is something completely different... depression hits a lot more than people give it credit for (those commercials that say "depression hurts everywhere" are for real, B...) and I'm not even trying to excuse the homie for what he did but I can say this much:
I understand.

And to all you bitch-ass niggas talking crazy like "What's gonna happen to his shoes? What size did he wear?" or "I got no respect for a junkie" can eat a dick... and that's real... got a problem with it, come see me...


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