Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quote of the Day

She put it in the comments of the "I Don't Even Know How to Feel About this Shit" blog... I just felt it needed to be reposted for emphasis...

"Women are unintentional, stubborn hypocrites and extremely bi-polar. Don't let a female tell you that's not true about her, because that's just the denial from the unintentional hypocrisy. Allow me to break it down: Unintentional hypocrisy, she may say she won't or act like she doesn't want to...then when she ends up doing it damn it her curiosity got the best of her... or feared if she didn't give it up it was going to be taken, but most don't admit to that. Either way she really didn't want to, which is why she may not with the first guy, but once again curiosity killed the cat[pun intended] and we must remember satisfaction brought him back [so she didn't "mean" to be a hypocrite. She's stubborn because she will more than likely not have a logical/reasonable answer as to why she gave guy #1 crap about it but literally jumped onto guy #2, but in her eyes she's right in her decision[she's wrong as hell]. Bi-polarity in a female, self explanatory." RB

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