Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NT Quotes of the Day

From the "Best Pick-up Lines" post...

"what's your best pick up lines the thing i always do that works for me is walking by a good looking girl at a table, and then "accidentaly" drop $40,000 dollars on the table and go "ahh screw it, it's not even worth bending over to pick up" Reprisentin MIA

"i have also found 'hey thats a nice shirt, now take it off and shoe me them titties' to work quite well" Reprisentin MIA

"sometimes i say 'hey do you got change for a million dollars?' and they start to laugh, at which time i actually pull out a million dollar bill and let them know im not kidding then i have sex with them" Reprisentin MIA

"one time i told a girl 'my parents are still married.' and she replied 'umm, so?' to which i replied, 'think we'll still be married when chris and rachel are around our age?' she immediately got out of her chair, grabbed me by my collar, took me into an empty room, and proceeded to make love to me." Reprisentin MIA

"i go up to girls and i tell them im a race car driver then they say 'ohh really?' and i say, 'nope dumb ho' then i have sex with them this works very well if you are good looking like me" Reprisentin MIA

"another one that usually works is to go up to a group of girls, preferably one with all hot girls, and make sure you're wearign a watch and holding a cellphone then ask 'ladies, would any of yall happen to know what time it is?' then when they see your watch, and maybe cell phone, they'll say 'why dont you just look at your watch?' (or something like that ), to which you reply, 'because i want to have sex with either you or one of your friends.' and the girls will usually egg on the shiest girl of the group that somehow can't seem to hook up with the right guy to talk to you. say, 'so you're the one i'm gonna fuck?', she'll say 'yeah,' and get to your car and go to your house." Reprisentin MIA

"another fairly simple one is to walk up to a girl youve never met before and say 'so, i heard you were talking about me' and she'll usually say 'no, i never met you' then you say 'ohh my fault, it must have been your best friend who was doing the talking, i had sex with her and never called her back' then have sex with the new girl and dont call her back " Reprisentin MIA

"Let's play carnival, you sit on my face and I try to guess how much you weigh" seventh letter

"Hey, my friend over there *motions toward a friend of yours or a random person* bet me I couldn't get a date with the most beautiful person in (insert whatever you want here, bar, park, city, etc.). Would you like to go to dinner or a movie with his money?" So Slickening (This is probably the only one that would EVER work out of the entire post... I'm not gonna front, I'd use it if I was ever single again...)

"I'm not the most attractive guy in this joint, but I'm the only one talking to you" TD The God

LOL... I love Niketalk...

Ya'll be easy...

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