Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - "Smooth Criminal"

THIS will always be my favorite Michael Jackson vid... it's not even close...

Ummm... I wasn't going to speak on MJ's death simply because 1) I felt like everyone else would be speaking on it and 2) I wasn't really that saddened by the news... well I take that back... I'm always saddened to hear about someone passing away... but it wasn't like a swift blow to my heart like "OMG, Michael Jackson is dead..." It wasn't like that for me at all... I don't know if it's because Jackson's relevance to mainstream media has been nothing more than tabloid fodder for the past ten years or what... It makes me sick that the same people that have been talking shit about Mike for the past years are now coming out and saying how much they loved him and shit... that strikes a chord with me, B... it really does... I mean, it's one thing to just throw harmless jabs at him but people were really going HARD at him...

That notwithstanding, I was a big MJ fan... my music collection clearly doesn't reflect that (I think I have maybe ten songs total on my computer) but I remember watching his Moonwalker tape at least 100 times as a child... LOL... me and Shaunne would KILL that joint on Saturdays at my grandma's house... and just looking at the reaction in the videos... like people straight up passing the fuck out... to me, those are REAL fans, B... LOL... you don't just fake passing the hell out at a concert... you're likely to get fucking trampled or something... Thriller sold something like 109 million albums or something... that's insane... INSANE... what other album would EVER do something like that nowadays...? And that shit is classic and timeless... you could still put Thriller in your whip and play every song and nobody would look at you crazy...

I don't wanna get into too much because I feel like I'm only going to be saying what everyone else is already saying and I kinda pride myself on having a different opinion from most people... LOL

R.I.P. Mike

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