Monday, June 29, 2009

Cybersex Prank #9

Courtesy of NT

Isuzoom: Hey,what's up?
victim: Hey hon, you ready?
Isuzoom: Yeah, i guess so, never done this before.
victim: Well what turns you on?
Isuzoom: cars
victim: I like cars too. I walk up to your car and kiss the closed window
Isuzoom: I roll down the window and wipe off the smudge.
victim: I ask you for a ride and get in.
Isuzoom: Did you wipe your feet?
victim: Yeah, I guess. I lean over and unbutton your pants while kissing your neck
Isuzoom: I rev the engine by mistake.
victim: ooh, excited? I reach into your boxers.
Isuzoom: Underoos
victim: Wut?
Isuzoom: I wear underoos.
victim: ookay. I reach down and grab your manhood. You like that?
Isuzoom: My foot slips of the clutch at 4,000 RPMs and the stage 3 grabs the aluminum flywheel so hard that my all 4 potenzas burn out and you are thrown back in your seat.
victim: I have no Idea what you just said.
Isuzoom: I stop the car, pop the hood and get out.
victim: I follow you??
Isuzoom: I open the hood and grab you around the waist.
victim: Mmmm, now we're talking
Isuzoom: I put you on the upper radiator support and caress your upper strut mounts.
victim: What?
Isuzoom: Yeah baby. Then I take my #1 piston and stick it in your exhaust pipe. You Idle loudly and I can hear your intake noise through your cone filter.
victim: This is a little weird.
Isuzoom: You rev loudly as I play with the butterfly on your throttle body.
victim: I'm going now.
Isuzoom: Fuel reaches my 450cc injectors as you carress my rising-rate fuel pressure regulator.
victim: HELLOO??!?!?!
Isuzoom: Yeah baby, we hit redline as I inject my nitrous into your fuel port.
victim: Bye Retard!!
Isuzoom: I slap your rear bumper as the compression drops in my cylinder. Was it good for you?
Isuzoom: Baby?
Isuzoom: Hello?

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