Monday, February 16, 2009

LMAO... I Love Ridiculous Shit...

So the good folks at NT put me on to this guy who is living in this room for 5 days straight with nothing but a cell phone. He gets 5000 euros if he can wait it out. But, if enough people visit the site, his conditions get worse.

So after X amount of hits, this is what happens to him:
1,000 - Listen to heavy metal for two hours
5,000 - Shaved by sexy ladies
22,000 - Forced to spend time with a guy who's eaten nothing but chili for 4 days
30,000 - Forced to eat rotten food
45,000 - A sheep is put in the cell
60,000 - He'll be attacked by a bear
70,000 - He has to wear a sumo wrestler suit
80,000 - He has to ride 10km on a bicycle in the cell
90,000 - Sexy ladies pillow fight

Now this is an actual site... I've already been to it and it's definitely a guy just sitting there... but he has well over 60,000 hits so I don't know how credible this list is because I don't think fam fought off a fucking grizzly... the comments on NT are priceless though...

Quite frankly, I don't see what's so fascinating about going 5 days without doing anything... that's just being a lazy fuck isn't it? And we award people like this with money? Must be nice... who comes up with these things?


  1. lol...

    How do you go from being attacked by a grizzly bear to wearing a sumo wrestler suit...

    What kind of bass aackwards shindig is this?

  2. Realtalk! i saw this earlier too. i was like WTF!!

  3. 5 days without doin nothing....thats what i do everyday! WHERE MY MONEY?!?!?!