Monday, February 16, 2009

Food Journal: Monday, February 16th

Breakfast (9:00 AM): an omelette with tomatoes, red and green peppers, ham and cheese; a biscuit with gravy; a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch; lots of Crystal Light

Lunch (2:00 PM): a slice of supreme pizza from Sbarro's; chocolate milk

Dinner (5:30 PM): a footlong turkey sub on wheat with lettuce, pickles, mayo and cheese; Peppercorn Ranch Sun Chips; a macadamia-nut cookie; Aquafina

I ate three times today (plus had a 32 oz. Gatorade G2 during class) and I'm still fucking hungry... I don't know what's going on...


  1. maybe u should have some fulfilling snacks. like crackers or something. and drink more water. that always helps to drink water throughout the day even when you're not thirsty. just carry around a water bottle and sip.

  2. oh mine is horrible but i'll put it up here anyway

    lunch-two cheeseburgers with no cheese fries and a fruit punch sprite mixture

    dinner-a kfc snacker

    i drink water throughout the day not cause im healthy or anything but thats pretty much all i had to drink yesterday

  3. Yeah, I do need more water... it's crazy... that's ALL I drunk throughout the month of January and now I can never seem to drink any... LOL... I had to force myself to get that Aquafina yesterday...