Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food Journal: Wednesday, February 18th

Breakfast (9:30 AM): omelette with green and red peppers, onions, bacon, cheese, tomatoes and ham; a waffle with butter and syrup; applesauce; juice

Lunch (2:00 PM): A La Barcelona sandwich* (ham, capola ham, boursin cheese, cucumbers, plum tomatoes and green peppers on sour dough bread); a 3 Musketeers candy bar; Gatorade G2

Dinner (9:00 PM): Honey-barbecue wings and fries from Wings Over Greenville; Dasani water

*this was quite possibly the worst sandwich in the history of sandwiches... and I've had pimento cheese on old rye bread before... the sandwich in and of itself wasn't THAT bad... but it's the fact that 1) this shit was dry as fuck... would it kill the makers of such an elaborate sandiwich to put some fucking mayo on this bitch? Or at least provide packets of mustard which I could put on myself... and 2) this shit was $6... that's not a typo... SIX FUCKING DOLLARS... it was just a regular sandwich... I can get a footlong sandwich at Subway for $5!!! And it's my own fault because I let myself get wrapped up in the fancy fucking name and the price tag... "shit, if it's $6 it can't be THAT bad" YES IT CAN!!! This shit was horrible, B...

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