Saturday, December 5, 2009


I had a whole shitload of comments for this but I'ma just leave it alone... let me just say this: I wish a motherfucker would...


  1. I completely understand where she's coming from..then that JERK had the nerve to ask for something to're playing a VIDEO GAME for Pete's sake instead of being in bed asleep with your girlfriend???? yea..hope that keeps ya warm at night.

  2. that was funny....sometimes i wish i had the balls to do such a thing...but on the other hand my man WORKS and PAY BILLS! This would really be his only if thats the case play on Boo!

  3. I've always felt some kind of way about destroying the property of others. While I understand why she is upset, there is a better way to handle your frustration LOL

  4. @Lela, eh... if he paid for it, then she has no right to touch his property... that's just wack... that's like if you're always on your iPod and I get mad and decide to break it with a hammer...

    @Anonymous, I don't understand the purpose of it... one could just as easily say "can you cut the game off?" or just walk over to him naked... if he doesn't move, break up with him...

    @Assertive Wit, I agree with you completely... there's a better way to express your discontent...