Friday, September 4, 2009

What's Good Poetry Fam?

Ok, so your boy weLLSaiD has took a major hiatus from the blog but it's no one's fault by my own... I had MAJOR writer's block over the summer... luckily for me (and for you) last night was the first meeting of W.o.M. (Word of Mouth for those that have forgotten) and the meetings ALWAYS get my juices going... in the past 12 hours since the meeting's began, I've written three poems with concepts for a dozen more... I'm not going to post them up until they're all the way edited, rewritten and reworked but I'll at least leave you with a few of the titles and/or concepts I've come up with that will be used in the future...

"I Suck at Poetry"
"The First Night I Got Drunk"
"If I Could Sing..."
"D.O.A. (Death-of-All-the-Coons)"
"If I Was an Arab, Could I See Myself Flying a Plane into a Building on a September Morning?"
"A Motherfucking Love Poem"
"Another Fucking Love Poem"
"The Usual Suspects"
"To All the New Boyfriends of My Ex-Girlfriends"
"A Letter to My Mother and Father"
"Why I Spit..."
"The Freshman Fifteen"
"Father's Day"

And that's just a few of the jawns I have lined up... I have a good twenty I either don't wanna share just yet or just don't have titles for... just know that your boy is still on his poetry shit...

Oh yeah... there's a poetry slam coming up on the 25th that I'm going to try to get down with... I don't know the time just yet but if you're in the Greenville area or at least have time to come up and support your boy, please do so... needless to say, I'll at least throw the video up here for all those who can't come out... it's my first Slam so of course, I'm gonna be a little nervous but I'm also excited to show the world what I can do... until the next time... peace and blessings...


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  1. Please let me know so I can attend!