Sunday, September 20, 2009

Next Day Air

So last night, me and the wife were watching Next Day Air... to put it plainly, movie's fucking hilarious... if you haven't seen it, go to your local Redbox and cop... so today, I'm being the incredible nerd that I am and looking at some of the comments on and I come across this bullshit (the racist's comments are in italics; HW's comments are in bold):

1. No attempt was made by the director to make the acting convincing. (First off, the acting, ESPECIALLY for it to be a hood-type movie, was really good... even Eddie Winslow as a gangster was decent... secondly, Benny Boom directed that shit... what does he know about acting? LOL)

2. The actors are terrible and poorly cast. Many of the female characters are just good-looking hoochie mamas given roles so someone involved in the movie could sleep with them. (The few women that are in this movie HAD roles as "good looking hoochie mamas" so that doesn't even make sense... LOL... with the exception of Debbie Allen playing Donald Faison's mom, there were three women: two hookers and Jesus' girlfriend, a fast talking Puerto Rican chick... I mean, wtf? It doesn't take Meryl Streep to play a hooker... LMAO)

3. Nobody is taking the movie seriously. (What type of losers take movies seriously? Especially comedies? And in this case, this isn't even the type of movie to take seriously... it's not like it's The Pursuit of Happyness or some shit... LOL this comment was just idiotic...)

4. It's a poor copy of Layer Cake and Guy Ritchie movies. (I haven't seen Layer Cake but it does remind me of Guy Ritchie's movie Snatch where you have a bunch of characters all after the same thing... but how many different kinds of movies are there like this? LOL... Guy Ritchie doesn't own the rights to the ensemble-action-comedy genre... GTFOH)

5. It's too black. No attempt is made to make the cast diverse. Virtually everyone is either black or Hispanic. I mean, they couldn't even put white people in the bank? (LMAO... seriously, B? So because white movies cast black extras, that means it's a diverse cast? Yeah right... does it really matter that it's not diverse? LOL... do white people have to have a hand in EVERYTHING black people do?)

6. The action scenes are HORRIBLE. A security guard fires a gun a few feet away from the robbers and doesn't hit anything? (Just because you're a security guard doesn't mean you know how to handle a gun... now the OTHER shootout was a little on the "you-serious?" side but it's not the worst I've seen in a movie where 48 people with Uzis will miss one dude at point blank range but he can pick them all off with a semi-automatic... Steven Segal movies ring any bells? Let's be serious...)

7. The humor is terrible. Ha ha, the security guard has a donut, original! (This movie was fucking hilarious... this part wasn't even meant to be funny... these dudes ran into rob a bank and ended up stealing nothing but the security tapes... that's hilarious...)

This movie is a metaphor for the way black Americans run their lives. Not to be racist, but black America is corrupt, juvenile and doesn't have a clue. They can't even be trusted to elect proper leaders that will do a good job. They value crime over legitimate, productive businesses. The crap about them growing up poor is a bunch of bull. They have money, they can start businesses and get out of the hood. They'd rather blow it all on new outfits everyday, cars and other crap instead of putting the money back into their communities. White Democrats should be ashamed of letting them get away with this shit I'm tired of the political correctness, it's time to confront these people about their problems. (I'm sorry what? LMAO... "this movie is a metaphor for the way black Americans run their lives"? So we're either selling drugs, working for UPS or sticking niggas up? REAAALLLY?? Just because you say "not to be racist" doesn't mean you can go on to make a completely false and ignorant blanket statement about how black people live... the fuck outta here with that shit... now I'm not saying that what's said isn't the mindset of SOME black people but the majority of us don't live or think this way... I'm sure it crosses our minds sometimes... I know I think about selling drugs damn near every other week when dealing with this college shit... LOL but I definitely wouldn't say this is the case for most of us... I'm never sure what to think when I hear the statement "put the money back into the community..." What the fuck does that even mean? Am I supposed to start building projects or something? Am I supposed to open up a park in my neighborhood? How does that help me get outta the hood? This last comment: "White Democrats should be ashamed of letting them get away with this shit..." is the most retarded shit I've ever heard... what the hell makes White people so good at running the fucking country? White Democrats have been doing it for the last 200 years and it's not like they've done anything that any other person couldn't have done... I didn't even get mad reading this nonsense because too many people choose to sit behind an anonymous screen name and say some shit that they would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS say out loud... why be a racist on a damn internet movie database forum? LMAO... how big of a loser can you be, son? Ridiculous...)

Ok, now obviously some troll made this because I can't imagine that some dickhead would actually feel this strongly about a movie... but in any event, go pick this up...

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