Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Piece

This isn't all the way completed but I spit a little of this piece at the W.o.M. meeting tonight so I figured I'd throw it up here for the poetry fans out there... it's definitely a rough sketch but it helps my writing process... for the record, it was really hard writing this piece just because it's something that I don't talk about a lot... but anyway, enough of the set up... here's the poem:

"Father's Day"
It's been 79 hours since I slept
Six days since I prayed and six years since I wept
For him
The only father figure who figured I needed a father
Who bothered to treat me as his own seed and not just another hurdle to jump my mother's bones
He was more of a best friend than a stepdad
And for my mother, he was no Taye Diggs but was still the best man
In fact, he taught me how to hit the orange box to make jumpshots
He taught me to tuck dollar bills in Hanes socks and
Pop locks on car doors
I smile thinking about it now, as
Memories of joy form cirrus clouds in my mind
We shared pimento cheese sandwiches and
Ate meatballs subs from Quizno's before they got popular but
That's where the fairy tale ends because, he put
Indigo blemishes beneath my mother's ocular...

Charges pressed against him made me a fatherless child yet again
The devil and the angel on my shoulders met again and
This time, the devil won
Had me feeling like the devil's son
I cursed God and blamed my mother and told her
I didn't love her

At age eight, anger management managed to convince me that my
Hate was displaced...

And that's all I got so far... hopefully it'll be done by this week so I can start memorizing it for the poetry slam coming up on the 25th... btw, I didn't mention this in the last blog but it starts at 8 PM... location is still TBD... but I'll hit the blog up with details as they become available...

In any event, hope you liked the piece... I plan to throw more poetry up here since I see how much I'm being overshadowed by the homie HW... LOL... but then again, it is his blog... peace and blessings...

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