Thursday, July 16, 2009

Would You Cheat if You Could Get Away With It...?

I was looking at this survey online somewhere and it was like 74% of men said they would cheat if they could get away with it and I was astounded... I've always been an advocate of men's rights in relationships (like I'm in PETA or something... LMAO... excuse my theatrics...) and when ever women would be like "all men are dogs... they ain't no good... blah blah blah..." I've always been the one in our corner like "nah, most dudes aren't like that..." but this survey confirms it (well, if you believe in random surveys, anyway...)

In my opinion, if the only reason you're not cheating on your significant other is because you're afraid you'll get caught, then clearly you're in the relationship for the wrong reasons... if I knew I wouldn't get caught, then fine... but I wouldn't do anything because of that reason... if I'ma cheat, I'ma cheat... period... I think it's dumb to cheat just because of that reason...


  1. Yeah, if you were one to invest time and thought into statistics that isn't a good one for angry women to see LOL