Monday, July 27, 2009

Double-You-Tee-Eff #89

The reason I'm WTFing this post is not because Stephon Marbury is crying in this first video... it's perfectly ok for a man to cry even if it's a song that moves him to do so... (even though I think it's a little strange to BROADCAST yourself crying to a song... but that's just me...)

This post is a WTF of Stephon's general behavior... this crying being the first example...

Then there's this:

(@3:38, you're in for a surprise if you've never seen this before...)
"I do this to get closer to God"

And let's not forget about this gem:

"I think ima average 12-13 dimes, 2-3 assists, and 5-4 boards. and if I need me to play a different position i think i can get more"
"That's my better hoe--my better half... MY WIFE!"
"I wanna see the spit on your mouth!"

LMAO... Stephon is a trip, B...

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