Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Double-You-Tee-Eff #85

Man Does a Year in Jail After Not Paying Child Support on a Child That's Not His

This is why I have little faith in our justice system... how the fuck is this dude in jail? This chick manipulated the fuck outta him and now he owes on a child that's not even his?? So he's in jail taking the place of the person who should REALLY be there? Straight up and down bullshit...


  1. Things like this baffle me because where are the blood tests? We don't do those no more???

  2. Well the thing is they KNOW the child isn't his... but because he signed a form saying that he would pay child support (this is when he thought it was still his), then he's legally entitled to pay... the messed up part is this chick knew the whole time he wasn't the daddy but still made him take the responsibility... our legal system is basura...