Sunday, June 21, 2009

weLLSaiD's Poetry Corner

This is a new piece I started working on last night... it's nowhere near finished but I just wanted to throw a snippet up there...


What do you celebrate on father's day when you
Don't have one?
I throw up a fist for the mothers who have to
Do double-daddy duty
It's one thing to be a father
And it's quite another to just be another nigga with kids

And every June,
I sit around waiting...
Wishing my father had enough love in his heart
To spend the day with his kids...
But he doesn't...
Probably laid up in some pussy from the night before
My father would rather be
Just another nigga with kids

Father's Day?
Just another day of the week for this poet
But then again...
Maybe it's my fault...
Maybe I should try harder to be a better son
So that HE
Will be a better father

To be continued...

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