Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stop Asking Me for Advice...

...what is more annoying than spending all night counseling someone on their relationship problems simply for them to do the exact fucking opposite of what you told them to do the very next day...?

Too often, my friends will ask me for advice on guys (and I don't sugar coat shit... I'll tell you if a dude is just trying to fuck, if he really likes you, etc.) and when I tell them what the deal is they say "Ok... you're right..." Then the next day, they will inform me that they did not take my advice... then three weeks later, dude is acting just like I said he would and they can't seem to understand it... I TOLD YOU WHAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN!!!

I know guys, B... not just because I am one but because I come from a long line of no-good ass niggas and have been friends with countless man whores... so I have first-hand experience on what the average nigga is about... (NOTE: this is not to say that all dudes are about sex because honestly, we're not... but I can usually decipher the difference between a nigga who's trying to get cakes, the ones who want a relationship AND cakes and the nigga who PLANS to get those cakes and then never talk to you again...)

So from now on, I'm no longer giving relationship advice... it's not gonna happen... don't call me...

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