Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kelly Star

Ms. Star, I just watched one of your videos and I must say you left one HELL of an impression... your body and your head game are top-notch... you're not the cutest chick but in my opinion, the best porn stars aren't all that cute anyway... I was thoroughly impressed, ma...

To be honest, you'd be my new go-to chick if your cooch didn't look like
...just sayin'...


  1. greg, she is fuckin' busted.

    and i googled it, you were right about the dennis rodman analogy.

    sick. she literally has the same amount of piercings. how is that comfortable?

  2. I'm not sure... they say that genital piercings enhance sexual arousal (one of my exes actually had a clit ring) but they just seem so uncomfortable and unnecessary... that's one thing that I'll never have to worry about finding out... LOL...