Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food Journal: Wednesday, June 17th

Breakfast (8:45 AM): eggs; sausage; canteloupe; honeydew; yogurt; grapes; breakfast pizza; water; Crystal Light

Lunch (1:30 PM): acai berry meal-replacement smoothie

Dinner (6:00 PM): sausage pizza from Papa Johns; trail mix; water; Diet Coke

Yesterday was a pretty light day... these meal-replacement smoothies are definitely helping out alot without having me feeling like I missed a meal... definitely going to keep up with these at least for the rest of the summer... and I'm actually starting to take into account what I'm eating... I could have a been a real fatass and pigged out on pizza but I only had a couple slices (damn near unheard of for me... I once ate a whole XL steak-and-cheese pizza... Paige still won't let me forget that...) I just hope I can keep it up... I have a tendency to fall back to old habits after a while...

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