Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food Journal: Tuesday, June 23rd

Breakfast: missed due to oversleeping

Lunch (3:30 PM): acai berry meal-replacement smoothie

Dinner (7:30 PM): roast pork; roasted potatoes; chicken sandwich; water; Crystal Light

So I missed another meal (I didn't even wake up until 2:30 this afternoon) but I still think, all in all, it was a decent day... I'm a little pissed that the cafeteria continues to close shit up early... I understand that they've been there all day but if I pay my money to use the cafeteria and ya'll are supposed to close at 7:30, then fucking close at 7:30... don't stay open until 7:30 but you start putting shit up a 7:10 and shit... that defeats the motherfucking purpose... in any event, decent day by the boy HW...

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