Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Death of a Genius

This guy's blog is fucking hilarious... definitely my quote of the day:

"Funny how everybody thinks an offensive statement is racist just because someone identifies your race in said statement.

A white guy saying "You stupid, black, motherfucker..." isn't racist. He just felt the need to identify your race while calling you a stupid motherfucker. You should be offended if you're not a stupid motherfucker...because you are black. And if you are a stupid motherfucker as well...walk away and smarten up (Nas)

I decided that I'll be using race as an identifying characteristic every time I insult somebody from now on. I'm not being racist. I mean, I am pretty racist is general...but I'm not being racist when I make these statements...as if it really matters anyway. I'm black so it's OK for me to be racist...and if it's not, you can't beat me in fighting so it doesn't really matter.

"Look at that dirty, Mexican, son of a bitch..."

You being Mexican has little to do with your hygiene and the fact that one of your parents is a bitch. Sure, I could've left "Mexican" out...but that opens the door for confusion about who I am referring to. Oh, you're from Guatemala? Pardon me, I made a mistake. I didn't mean anything by it. From a distance you looked Mexican. But let's focus on getting you cleaned up. I'm not too sure there's much we can do about your bitchmade parents though."


  1. Good look, my nigga...that picture you posted inspired my last joint lol

  2. LOL... I read that and was dying laughing the whole time... I still say you have one of the dopest blogs...