Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For the First Time in Over 10 Years...

...I'm going to buy a suit this summer... the debacle of a suit I had at the age of 12 was just straight up hideous... now unlike most Black males, I'm not going to the local hood spot and getting some crazy-colored, Pinky-from-Friday-After-Next, I-could-be-a-pimp-or-Southern-preacher-type suit... I'm looking for more of a business type look... simple, muted colors, a plain white, light blue or pink shirt, a dope tie and the pocket square, of course... but since I'll probably just be getting one (two could REALLY be pushing it) what color should I get first???

Dark Grey


Navy Pinstripe

Heather Grey

Classic Black

...what do ya'll think??? Ladies, I'm more apt to take your advice here... hit me up...

Ya'll be easy...

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