Thursday, April 23, 2009

Double-You-Tee-Eff #39

H.S. player decides to quit high school to turn pro

LOL... just what the hell is going on these days...? So some high school kid decides he's the next LeBron and that he's going to quit HIGH SCHOOL to play basketball overseas... and then in 2011, when he's eligible for the NBA Draft, he'll come back...

What... the... fuck...??

I'm all for a young dude getting his money but come on, my dude... you're 17 talking about how you're bored with the game because nobody's offering you a real challenge?!! At 6-11, you're SUPPOSED to be dominating high school basketball... how many dudes are that tall in high school?? LOL... tallest dude on my high school's basketball team was like 6-4, B... you're bored with the game so you're gonna be a high school drop out and play in Europe? You can't be serious... what happens when you break your damn leg over in Europe? Guess that GED will come in mighty handy when you're cleaning bathrooms at the Garden...

I can't believe his father advocates this shit... and I'm not trying to act like I'm a hater because for, all I know, the dude could go on to do great things but let's be serious... with the exception of LeBron, what high school player has come in and dominated right outta the gate? Most of those dudes end up quitting after two years or being stuck as the 13th man on a 12-man-roster... people let this basketball shit gas them up for real...

Stay in school kids.

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